I have actually found/made the time to complete these recolours of Ja Viera’s “Skyomg” Neighbourhood Sky Deco and Lot Deco (originally by Chris997) after so much procrastination, trial and error after error- aka me just being a perfectionist…

So, what I did was recolor them to suit my new game. I sadly suffered a hard drive death and lost (but recovered thankfully) all my sims and business stuff just before the Ultimate Collection was released. I did loose my digital copies of some stuff packs so I can’t even tell you how happy I was to get UC under the circumstances!

The skies are bright because I noticed the game seemed to dull them. I used 3 of Ja Viera’s images, the mesh one,1 & 7. I made them seamless :).

The second image is of my “alien planet” hood. I created the ground textures myself as I couldn’t find what I was looking for as I had a specific idea.

So what do you think?

Here are the download links for all of you lovely peeps. 

Neighborhood Sky Deco

Lot Sky Deco

Enjoy! xx

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Skit is concerned about you…have you seen your hair lately?

I just got my hair dyed half pink and half black so I think I’m right with mine

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McKenna’s Room

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alien girl, i guess

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do you guys remember the aeris dress i made and posted a long while back? over at GoS, it has been fixed up and age converted by kalynn, so you should go and get it!

since i won’t be able to access my game for a while, im uploading scarymonster for you guys to play around with.

download scarymonster - cc only version. leaf crown not included.

if you use her in your game and post pics, please tag #fivegigs because i want to see!! :3

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