im…….gonna try and launch my game in the next couple days maybe to take pics, since i have some new cc i wanna play around with. maybe try and make some stuff :/ assuming i can quit new vegas for long enough to play, lmfao

sorry its been kinda dead over here, havent really been feeling the game or anything much lately. will try and fix that up. try and pretend that sims 4 isnt out yet so im not sitting here quivering with jealousy bc i want it (dont tell me to pirate it cos it aint gonna work)


Ramona’s Bedroom

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Because polar bears are cool.

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hi, im still alive!!!! back at home with my pc and so i really have no excuse for neglecting this blog lately tbh…

gonna try and get back into the picture-taking vibe, lately i’ve just been more interested in uhm….new vegas, mostly. but i’ll try and post some ts2 stuff at some point!!

(also unfortunately i am without ts4….and will be until my mom decides that she wants it enough to shell out for it, and i dont know if that will happen at any point soon ahahaha….)

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Their new living room and kitchen :3

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